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Dir: Eric Ibarra​

Written by: PJ Bollinger, Eric Ibarra

Produced by: PJ Bollinger, Eric Ibarra, Joe Castro

Starring: Dinero Lopez, Vince Romo,

Adrian “NDub” Bee, Crash Barrera,

Brian Eric Johnson

Cinematography by Stephen Vanderpool

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Beaten-up and down on his luck, Jessie Cruz discovers a box full of magic powder that “brings about evil!” Attempting to get back at the local gang after getting mugged, he poisons their local brewery….little does he know he brought about the rise of the CHOLO ZOMBIES! As Cholo Zombies become a legally protected super-species allowed to hunt, vote and spread their “cure to humanity”, Jessie and crack-pot reporter Marisa Mes search for a way to reverse the curse. 


CHOLO ZOMBIES is a crazy adventure of zombie absurdity where only true Cholos can turn and Southern California’s legal system gets a little TOO lenient. With fast paced action, gore galore, and classic cholo cameos, the idea that “chu only live once” is true to it’s blood stained core…..unless you’re a zombie!


Starring Instagram comedian Deniro “100K Cutz” Lopez and with zombie appearances from Blood In, Blood Out’s Carlos “Popeye” Carrasco, American Me’s Danny De La Paz, Repo Lou’s Lou Pizarro and other classic Mexican American actors, Cholo Zombies is sure to be a hit with Latinos and Zombie-philes alike.


Triumphant - She Fights to Live, is the true story of Apostle Vicki Lee.

Dir: Eric Ibarra​

Written by: Venus L. Burton, Eric Ibarra

Produced by: Venus Burton, Dr. Cherokee De Cruz Webb, Pinky Cunningham

Cinematography by Stephen Vanderpool

This faith based independent feature film is the true life story of the Apostle Vicki Lee. 


Dir: Eric Ibarra

Written by: PJ Bollinger, Eric Ibarra

Produced by: PJ Bollinger, Chris Bollinger, Eric Ibarra

Cinematography by Trevor Wilson

Starring: Vernon Wells, Ronnie Alvarez,

Brian Eric Johnson, Chuck Salle ​

Jim Smith was the pride of the precinct, a heroic cop who’d saved lives over and over. But when he awakens in purgatory, he’s stuck and the only way out is by convincing Sgt. Yeshua that his life deserves to be finished. As they rewatch the evidence of his life, analyzing each choice and each fact put before them his glories, his faith and his flaws are exposed for their truths.

SUICIDE BY COP is a faith based psychological thriller that questions heroism, family and finding balance within one’s life. Driven by a powerful performance of introspection and self-realization by Vernon Well as Jim Smith and Ronnie Alvarez as Sgt. Yeshua, this story plays on the tranquility of purgatory (as seen in “The Last Day of Judas Iscariot” (Stephen Adly Guirgis) and “Five People You Meet In Heaven”),  juxtaposed with the pulse-pounding action of an inner city beat cop.

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